Feed Support Status

I try to refrain from claiming to support a format, since support entails a strict parsing model that's unsuitable for an end-user product. "Understand" may be a better word; many feeds use broken language, but R3R can still understand them (or parts thereof).

See also the Guidelines and Choosing a Feed Format for authoring advice.


R3R only supports XML attributes when necessary for feature parity with non-XML feeds.

Notable Attributes That Would Be Nice to Implement

RSS 3.0

As far as I know, R3R fully understands RSS 3.0.


R3R also fully supports ESF, the easiest feed format that I know of.

RSS 1.0

RSS 1.0 superseded 0.9, so that version won't be discussed. R3R currently ignores textinput (and sub-elements thereof), though it may be added to future versions. The rest is understood (with the exceptions of the attributes listed above).

RSS 2.0

RSS 2.0 replaces 0.91–0.94 as the recommended XML-based version. R3R doesn't support many of its elements.

Unsupported Elements

* = being considered for future versions


This is the support status for Atom. Note that R3R does not support the Atom API.

Unsupported Elements

* = being considered for future versions

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