Download, Install and Run

The latest version is available on Sourceforge. Sourceforge should automatically detect the best download for your platform.

These instructions are for the in-development 2.0 series. Info about installing R3R 1.2.x is on a separate page.


R3R comes as an ordinary setup program, made by Inno Setup. To install, simply download and run the r3r-version-setup.exe file. To run, just activate the item in the Start menu or through the desktop icon.

To uninstall, use the Add/Remove Programs applet.

x86 Linux

There are packages for the three major package managers (RPM, Debian, and Slackware).

Note that there is no binary for Linux running on non-x86 architectures, such as Power PC.


If you run an operating system/CPU architecture not listed above, want to customise the software, want to help out or create a derivative, etc., you'll need to compile from source.


Read the included documentation for how to build it.

Viewing the latest version

You can check out the latest version through the git repository on SourceForge or on github.

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