Download, Install and Run

The latest version is available on Sourceforge. r3r-src is the source, r3r-linux is the UNIX installer, and r3r-win is the Windows installer.

Source Code

PHP is an interpreted language, so the source code and binaries are one and the same. The difference is that the source contains installer scripts and other things that aren't needed for an ordinary installation; but in the spirit of open source, they're publicly available.

To install it, simply follow the UNIX instructions below, or else run the _r3r script manually (edit as needed).

Windows Installer

With the knowlege that Windows users want their software to run "out of the box" with no muss and no fuss, a Windows Installer is available. It will install R3R and all its dependencies on your computer. The disadvantage is that it's a much larger download than the UNIX installer (a couple megabytes instead of a few dozen kilobytes). But since many UNIX variant distributions have all the dependencies pre-installed with the rest of the operating system, and UNIX users do like to get their "hands dirty" and configure everything to their liking, it's all OK.

UNIX Installer


On Unix systems (such as Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, and Cygwin, among others), installation is is now accompished by autoconf, though Autopackage is preferred on systems on which it's available, such as Linux.

The following commands should install it it:

tar xjvf r3r-linux-version.tar.bz2
cd r3r-linux-version
make install

To uninstall, type make uninstall.

To run it, you simply type r3r on the command line or execute the desktop icon.


Starting in 1.2.3, an Autopackage .package distribution is available for download. Note that my .package file isn't completely up to par yet. See How to install Linux autopackages in 4 easy steps in the unlikely case you don't know how to install it.

Traditional Installation

If anyone wants to create an RPM, that would be nice. I'm unlikely to ever do it myself, being that I haven't figured out how to even make an RPM, and Autopackage is the future of UNIX installation anyway.

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