Helping Out

This document outlines various ways people of various abilities can help the project.

Create a new program icon

R3R 1.2.3 has a new icon, but submissions for a better icon are still welcome.


Creating translations really requires zero skills, other than knowing English and another language. In version 1.2.x, translations were done by translating the files in l10n (files were the POSIX language codes) and then converting them to a PHP file through cnf2lng.php. Starting in the 2.0, translations are done in the gettext format.


It would be great if there were easy-to-use installers.


The source package contains a setup.iss file that can create a Windows installer with InnoSetup. If you'd rather use another installer, that's fine (as long as it's not InstallShield or Windows Installer).



Possible contributions would be native installers (other than Debian, Slackware, and RPM packages) and downloads for other architectures.


It would be great to receive contributions for other operating systems. You should be able to use make dist to create an archive containing the files.


Writing a new parser

As an example of how easy it is to code for R3R, let's see how you write a parser for a new feed language. You go into src/libr3r/formats and create a new class that derives from either TXmlFeed or TNonXmlFeed and override the GetFormat and ParseLine methods.


Porting to other operating systems would be nice as well.

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs that you find.

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